Meet Braden Mack – Business Insurance Advisor

Meet Braden Mack

Braden comes to us with over a decade’s worth of industry experience and a passion for what he does.  What is his chief responsibility here at Heacock?  “To protect businesses from the unexpected,” he says.

Braden and his wife moved to Lakeland fairly recently, along with their two young children and the family Dalmatian. “I’ve been a resident of Lakeland for about a year,” he says, “but my family has been here for about twelve. We wanted to be close to family and now I’m just a mile from my parents and 5 miles from my sister and her family.”

Ask Braden why he loves what he does and he’ll give you a host of reasons. He loves what he calls the “teaching” aspect of sales, pointing out that “any agent can get a quote, but what you want is an agent who knows, and can tell you, what’s going on behind the scenes.”  He also loves the relationships that come with “the job”; working not just with his new Heacock family, but the relationships he gets to build with business owners in the community. How does he know he’s being successful at it?  “I measure success by thank yous and smiles,” he says.

When Braden isn’t out in the community building relationships, he enjoys golf, scuba diving, and making homemade cigars.  He is also an ordained minister, and serves as a chaplain with the Lakeland Police Department.