Hitting the Road to Recovery? Make Sure You’re Insured!

Luray, USA - June 1, 2019: View of road with rv trailer leading to forest in Shenandoah Blue Ridge appalachian mountains on skyline drive

According to recent reporting by The Washington Post, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome H. Powell stated that “the economic road ahead remains long and uncertain with 20 million jobs lost since February and an unemployment rate at the highest level since the Great Depression.” The irony here? Even with a great deal of uncertainty ahead, an historic number of individuals are now planning to travel that “long and uncertain economic road” in a luxury motor home.

According to RV Industry Association, nearly 5 million are buying RVs and taking to our nation’s highways, byways, RV parks, and estimated 1.23 million individual trailer campgrounds. It seems that the “road to recovery” is one that many Americans are looking to travel, quite literally, in style. RV sales are up 170 percent over the same time period last year, with a number of factors behind the exponential increase in sales:

  • a financial lift from stimulus money,
  • the onset of warmer weather,
  • the need for some sort of vacation break,
  • a move toward early retirement,
  • the opportunities presented by virtual employment,
  • the belief that a personal vehicle (especially one with heated floors, an entertainment system, and multiple bathrooms) is an extremely appealing way to social distance/quarantine, and
  • a cautious optimism from some that the worst of the pandemic could be over.

First Stop? Your Insurance Agency.

All of which makes perfect sense.  However, before you get behind the wheel, put the key in the ignition, and set your GPS to “destination unknown,” be sure to visit with your insurance agent first. As you might imagine, accidents involving RVs, like those involving trucks, tend to lead to greater damage than those involving automobiles. It’s essential, then, that you get the proper insurance coverages before taking to the road. In the meantime, know that we offer coverage for all of the RV classes, each of which requires its own special insurance:

  • Class A vehicles covers RVs built like large commercial buses. This kind of motor home is complete and contains everything you need. Some of these homes are very expensive, costing up to a few hundred thousand dollars.
  • Class B vehicles resemble vans, but have taller ceilings so you can stand up inside.
  • Class C vehicles are large vehicles made from trucks or vans.

Coverages are similar to most automobile policies by including protection for Liability and Physical Damage for the vehicle. Multi-policy discounts may be available when combining policies for different exposures with the same company. 

When it comes to insurance, its far better to be over-prepared than under-prepared! Your safety is our main concern and because we’re an independent insurance agency, and free to work with any carrier we choose, we can offer you the coverages that make the most sense for your unique needs. If you have any questions about RV insurance, please do not hesitate to call us at (863) 385-5171. We’re here to help.