It is better to be overly prepared than underprepared, especially with hurricane season upon us. As our client, your safety is our main concern! We're here to help, no matter how great your needs. If you have any questions regarding your hurricane coverage, please do not hesitate to call us at 863-385-5171.

For tips on what to do before, during, and after a hurricane, please check out these links:
Highlands County - All Hazards Guide

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Emergency Communications Center: 863-401-2234
  • Animal Services: 863-499-2600
  • Fire Rescue: 863-519-7350
  • American Red Cross: 863-294-5941
  • United Way: 863-648-1515 or 800-881-UWAY
  • Citizens Information Line (local emergency updates): 863-401-2234 or 866-661-0228
  • Emergency Management : 863-385-1112
  • Emergency Medical Services: 863-402-6630
  • Highlands County Sheriff’s Office: 863-402-7200
  • Highlands County Public Information: 863-402-6833
  • American Red Cross: 863-314-6743
  • United Way: 863-648-1500 or 800-881-UWAY