January Employee Highlight

Business Insurance Lakeland

Hola! My name is Vianey Butterfield and I have been in the insurance industry for a little over 7 years. I am bilingual thanks to my Mexican Heritage. I love that this industry has given me many opportunities to get involved in my community. I have met some extremely wonderful people. I am an active member of EMERGE Lakeland and looking into discovering new groups to be a part of. My husband and I have a wild miniature schnauzer named Layla who keeps us very busy. I take every chance I get to travel and discover new things. My happy place is definitely the beach. I am very active on social media and post places and people I meet along the way. I am true believer that laughter is a key to a happy and healthy life. Cheers.

1. Current Position: Core Business Unit Account Manager

2. Team Member Since: February 2014

3. Favorite Band: Coldplay

4. Favorite Team: This is funny.

5. Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory

6. Hobbies: kickboxing, cooking, running, playing with my dog

7. Obsessions: shoes, food, and food lol

8. Strong Suit: personality

9. If I wasn’t in Insurance… I would work at a rescue center for abused animals.