Life Insurance

It’s a policy we’d rather not think about, but one of the most important we’ll ever own.  Life insurance.

The benefits are obvious. Life insurance gives your loved ones choices by providing the financial means to go on; to pay off a mortgage or credit card debts, to help meet ongoing living expenses, to help pay for education, and a great deal more. And the benefits of a life insurance policy are available at a critical time; when loved ones are in their greatest need.

Choosing the right policy takes the guidance of an insurance professional. The licensed professionals at Heacock can help you choose both the type of coverage, and the amount of coverage, that will meet your family’s needs. Give us a call today to discuss your options when it comes to purchasing this very important insurance coverage.

Term Life Insurance

Typically the least expensive option for life Insurance, a fixed-rate term policy will pay a benefit to your family members and covers you for a specific period of time. We’ll help you to understand the difference between Level Term Life and Annual Renewable, and make sure term coverage is the best for you.

Whole Life

Whole Life Insurance pays a death benefit to your loved ones, but also allows you to accumulate cash value in the policy. We provide you with guidance on your Whole Life options, as well as Variable or Universal options if you need additional flexibility with your life insurance program.

Long Term Care

As most of us are living longer, the rising costs of nursing homes and assisted living facilities are a concern. Long-term care insurance can help you pay for the care you need when the time comes. Unlike health insurance, long-term insurance covers long-term support and services in a variety of settings, such as your home or other facilities. Plans vary widely, and we’re equipped to explain plan limitations and how much will be covered.


What happens if you become disabled before your retire? How will you cover your mortgage, rent, car loans, school tuitions, and monthly expenses? Disability insurance helps to replace your gross income if you’re disabled due to sickness or injury. It’s a MUST for a professional with a family! Our qualified experts can assist in determining the amount of disability insurance you may need, as well as explain the differences between Long-Term or Short-Term disability products.

Because we’re independent, our allegiance is to YOU – the customer, not a single carrier. We search the market to provide our customers with coverage that matches their described needs at the best possible price. Request a quote 24/7.