Automobile Insurance – Liability Coverage

Heacock offers Coverage Solutions for you and your family

In the event of an accident, auto liability coverage helps pay for damages resulting from the incident. Liability coverage:

  • Compensates the other driver or passengers if you are deemed responsible, and
  • Pays medical or property damage to the other party

There are two types of liability insurance; bodily injury and property damage. When you are considered “at-fault,” your liability insurance will pay medical expenses, loss of income or pain and suffering caused by the accident. If you are sued due to the accident, your liability insurance will help pay for your defense, which could be critical if you are involved in a serious crash.

Our mission at Heacock is to serve as caring, trusted advisors in the challenging, ever-changing world of auto insurance. Things can get complicated. But, rest assured, we make it our goal to have your auto policy provide the protection that responds to your described needs.

The professional and knowledgeable staff in both our Lakeland and Sebring offices are well qualified to advise you on the coverage amounts that are appropriate for your situation and budget. Things to consider are how much are you willing to pay out-of-pocket should you have to pay for damages? If you have sizeable assets, you may want to consider higher limits or even including a Liability Umbrella policy to be sure you have the coverage necessary should you become involved in some type of litigation.