Insuring Our Furry Family Members

Insurer protecting pets with his hands

For many of us our pets are family members, so why don’t we insure them like one? Pets can become injured or very sick during their life costing hundreds, even thousands, in out-of-pocket expenses. We would love to be able to fix them up and make sure they’re healthy but sometimes other responsibilities prevent us from being able to do so. This is where pet insurance could offer some coverage, and a sense of comfort, for certain accidents and injuries. Today we’re going to explain what coverages could come with a pet insurance policy through one of our carriers, Figo, who covers the “unexpected illnesses and injuries of your dog or cat”.

What’s Covered?

Figo doesn’t cover every cost that comes with owning a pet, but they do offer a lot of coverage for unexpected things. While routine exams are not covered under a Figo policy, as these are considered preventative care, they can cover exam fees for covered treatment for an unexpected illness or injury. They also offer coverage for emergency incidents, hospitalization, surgeries, hereditary and congenital conditions that are not pre-existing, prescription medications for covered illnesses or injuries, cancer treatments, chronic conditions, x-rays, MRI’s, CAT scans, ultrasounds, and blood work that’s medically necessary. If your pet suffers from a covered illness or injury resulting in them needing a prosthetic or orthotic device, Figo will cover the costs as well as any physical therapy needed.

Figo also extends coverage for boarding your pet under certain policies should you be hospitalized for 96 hours or more due to sickness, disease or bodily injury. This can give you a piece of mind while you’re dealing with a medical emergency that your pet will be taken care of at no additional cost to you. They can also insure your working dog, if you have one, for an additional premium should anything happen to them.

What’s Not Covered?

There are a few things not covered by any Figo policy, such as pre-existing conditions, routine or preventative care, cosmetic or elective surgeries, grooming or obedience training, and of course any inhumane treatment or failure to adhere to veterinarian’s preventative and treatment advice, to name a few.

Pet Cloud

Figo offers a neat way to keep track of your pet’s medical information and can also help someone contact you if your pet is lost through the Pet Cloud app. With a Figo insurance policy, they send a pet tag that links to an online account for your pet to easily find you. The app can also send you reminders on when your pet needs their shots updated as well as help you find nearby vet offices, pet parks, and pet friendly hotels when out of town.